How to paste iframe tags onto your posts

Do you have experience of embedded tags in Google maps or calendar that disappear when you paste in WordPress?

It’s caused by WordPress’s initial setting that removes iframe tags from your posts automatically.

Here’s an explanation of how to paste iframe tags onto your posts.
I tried this method in WordPress3.1.1.
(CAUTION: This method is your own responsibility)

Open the file
wp-content/themes/<your theme directory>/functions.php
and add the below code at the end of the file.

function extended_enable_elements($init) {
return $init;
add_filter('tiny_mce_before_init', 'extended_enable_elements');

Actually it may not completely show the frame in the view of “Visual-Editor”, but enough is shown in the “Preview” window.

If anyone who can find a way to show IFRAME in the “Visual-Editor” of WordPress then comments would be helpful.

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